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I am Cheng Zheng
Programmer & Designer of this website.

I hope this website save you some time.
btw, if more people use this, more Sum Up there are, More time will be saved.
If you like this website, I hope you can tell your friend. (on Facebook or Twitter maybe)

( This is my personal project, this website does not belong to Google )
( Youtube belongs to Google, in case you don't know)

Why I create this?

I watch a lot Youtube educational long video (normally 45+ minute)
like data structure & algorithem by some university, or sometime physics or some other topic I think interesting
and often feel frustrating and wasting time
I believe many people feel the same.

because there are always part of video is useless.
The teacher talk about when is final, how many mark they should get, how many TA, blahblah
I really hope after I create this tool
people would use it to sum up what part is useless part,
so people after them can save time

For example
"please skip first 5 minute, that is intro TA and how many exam and when should came to class( monday,thursday,8:30am) the MAIN part start at 05:31, this course mainly about....."

"Please skip this entire Lecture 2. This lecture is more about philosophy and general intro, Instead of really talk about data structure & algorithem, the teacher talk about what is SCIENCE is computer science, how people classify thing, what is science, and use analogy like tree, rack, element. *completely waste of time* "


  1. help you skip useless part
  2. know what this course is about before you spend solid 45+ minute to watch it

That's why I build this.

Anything you want say to me:    guokrfans(at)gmail.com
Right now, we only provide a box to let you type text into it, and sumbit.
very simple. it's like a reddit with a video on the right

in later version maybe I would put timelime sum up feature.
that mean you click&drag a rectangle, to choose certain range of video
like you can click&drag to choose 00:00~06:31
and then you can type what happend in this period

and then click&drag to choose 06:32~38:02
and describe what happend in that time
you can imagine it as a simple version of Amara (a website help you type subtitle ) but not exactly look like it

this feature is much more complex and I don't know how many people want it
so maybe future I would add this feature,    maybe not.    just keep it simple

btw, if have any idea about how to make this website better, just Email me
Ruby on Rails 4.2.4
Ruby 2.3.0
Ubuntu 14.04
Server Provider: UCloud
CPU: 1 Core
Memory: 2 GB

buy server a drink, help it live longer.