Sum up
Summarize Youtube video
If you are Online Learner
and you watch a lot of Open courseware,
Tech Conference
,  or other kind of long education video on Youtube
you would need this website to save your time.

Have you experience this feeling before?
(yep, pretty long text, you can skip this)
Watching a 45 minute educational video on Youtube, trying to learn something new,
but constantly feeling waste of time and frustrating.

not because the teacher suck or you are forced to learn something you don't like,
but because part of video is useless to you,
for example: the teacher spend first 10~20 minute talk about course schedule
(Thing like: you should come here every monday and thursday, 1pm~2pm).
or last 5 minute talk about some campus activity student should attend.

How that gonna help me? I learn nothing from these.

a 47 minute video only about 30 minute is useful to you.

and then you play next video, the same thing happend again, or not, you just don't know.

What a waste of time.
I wish I know what this video is about before I took time to watch it.

The only thing you need to do
is add '-sumup' after 'youtube'
Or even simpler
Install Chrome Extenstion here: Sum Up
Just click on Icon,
it would add '-sumup' in URL for you
( that number 0 mean there are 0 sum up about this video )
The Goal of this website
is to help you skip useless part in video,
by reading other people's sum up, you know what part is useful, what part is not.
make you feel you are not wasting time, every minute you watch is helping you get smarter.

I hope this website is useful for you.